Mouth-Body Health in Boca Raton - The Importance of the Oral-Systemic Link

Our Boca Raton Dentists Focus on Whole Body Wellness Through Oral Healthcare

Mouth-Body Health

The connection between oral and overall health is strong and undeniable. How strong is this connection? Research suggests that certain oral health conditions like periodontal disease show comorbidity (meaning that both diseases are present simultaneously) with diabetes, osteoporosis, and other chronic illnesses. At Lifeway Dental, we focus on the mouth-body health connection to improve your wellbeing while giving you a beautiful smile.

What is Mouth-Body Health?

Over the last decade, medical professionals have begun to take a more holistic approach to healthcare. For a long time, we used to restrict treatments and diagnosis to the specific part of the body experiencing the ailment. Today, we understand that illness in one place could be the result of a chronic issue elsewhere.

In essence, mouth-body health focuses on the connection between your oral health and how it affects your overall well-being. Treating problems like gum disease and TMJ disorders can help stave off the effects of diabetes and even alleviate sleep apnea. You might not have thought of it, but a visit to the dentist can be the first step in improving your lifestyle.

What are Common Diseases Affected by Oral Health?

There are many health conditions tied to your dental health. The condition of your teeth might trigger some while others may be exacerbated by poor oral health. Here are three examples of general health issues that have a connection to your mouth:


Treating gum disease has been demonstrated to reduce joint pain caused by arthritis.

Breathing Conditions

Studies into gum disease suggest that the condition may worsen lung illnesses like pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is caused by an involuntary obstruction to the breathing pathways while you sleep. It is not uncommon for sleep apnea to be triggered by a misalignment of the jaw or other dental conditions that can be addressed by a dentist.

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