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Reasons Why Our Patients Love Lifeway Dental Of Boca

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Our Team Your Dental Family

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Our Comfort Zone

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Health and Safety

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Relaxation Dentistry

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Extreme Whitening

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Cosmetic Dental Options

Savings Plan Premiums


or $399/year
Each Additional: $199


or $599/year
Each Additional: $199

Savings Plan Plus - Additional $188 Per Member

For patients with Periodontal Disease, Includes Four Periodontal Maintenance

*The Dual Plan is for the Parent/Child of Husband/Wife/Partner.

Never Worry About

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Pre Existing
Conditions Limitations

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Cleanings and Exams
Standard Fees
Member Discount
Comprehensive exam, D0150
Full Series X-Rays, D0210 (1/ 5 years)
Dental Cleaning, D1110/1120 (2/year)
Periodic Exam, X-Rays, D0120, D0220, D0274 (1/year)
Fluoride Rinse, (2/year)
Panoramic X-Ray (every 5 years, as needed)
Cleanings and Exams
Member Discount
Custom Whitening Trays and gel
Fillings and Core Build-ups
Crowns and Bridges
Dentures and Partials
Oral Surgery
Root Canals
Invisalign *
$500 off
Botox and Facial Fillers (Juvederm)
* must remain a plan member for the duration of the treatment to retain the savings plan benefits

Program Exclusion and Limitations

The program is savings plan, not a dental insurance plan, and is secondary to any other dental plan. It cannot be used:
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In conjunction with another dental plan For referrals to specialists
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For products purchase, or for ARESTIN antibiotics
Layer 21(2)
In conjunction with coupons or cash discounts
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No credit or refund on annual premium
Layer 21(2)
No other discounts with this offer, greatest discount will prevail
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Membership is not for re-sale
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Membership valid for one year after enrollment.
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Patient’s portion of bill due at time of service
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Additional family members cannot be added to the plan at a latter date- they will be enrolled in a new plan with a new effective date
Layer 21(2)
No discounts applied to any services provided before enrollment
This plan is only honored at Lifeway Dental of Boca
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Meet The Dentists

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Dr. Nick Cicortas

He grew up in Romania before moving to South Florida . Grateful for the opportunities afforded in the US, he pursued studies at Broward College , followed by Nova Southeastern University , and obtained hi s Doctor of Dental Medicin e from th e Lake Erie College of Medicine , Dental School . He then refined and mastered his cosmetic dentistry skills, implants, and surgery a t the LECOM Outreach Clinic in Erie , Pennsylvania . Since graduating, Dr. Cicortas has provided comprehensive care to the South Florida community from Lake Worth to Hollywood. His goal is to provide exceptional dentistr y to his patients in a caring and comfortable environment.
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Dr. Yitta Garden

She is dedicated to helping her patients fall in love with their smiles. Originally from Boca Raton, Dr. Garden ventured north and earned her doctor of dental medicine from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Advancing her studies even further, she completed her general practice residency at the Brooklyn VA Hospital. Choosing a dentist is a big decision and involves trust and loyalty, and that is why Dr. Garden treats each patient with compassion and understanding. She educates and guides her patients throughout every step of dental treatment, making sure they are comfortable and that each plan is right for them.

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